Thursday, March 13, 2008

Children are a Blessing

Since I am the mother of seven children, you may have correctly guessed that I believe in the sanctity of all human life. You would be right!

Abortion was not heard of when I was a child. At least I hadn't heard of it. I really don't remember much about Roe v. Wade, although I was in high school at the time. My health teacher might have mentioned abortion to us in class, but I know I had very negative feelings about abortion.

Then I went to college. I don't remember hearing much about abortion at the state college I went to but I transfered to a Christian college and had an ethics course. The professor was very feminist and told us about all these very hard cases where abortion seemed to be the only choice. I came away confused, thinking that I would probably not have an abortion, but no longer believing they were wrong for everyone.

Fast forward several years. I was married and thinking that I could not bear children due to my endometriosis. We had been married for four years and no babies. I had decided to continue my music education and have a music career, decided that I really didn't want children anyway. Then lo and behold I was pregnant! At my first doctor's appointment, I remember the nurse asking, "Are you pleased?" I said,"Well. it's too late to do anything about it now!" She began to tell me that no, it wasn't and to give me abortion literature. Thank God that I refused to even look at it.
How heartbreaking to me to think that I could have believed the lie of abortion and not had my precious eldest son.

God still had some work to do, though, to change my thinking about his gift of children. Even though it had taken four years to conceive a baby, right after his birth, we began to use birth control. When our son was about 2 1/2 years old, I read a book called The Way Home by Mary Pride. The author challenged me to re-think birth control, pointing out that prior to the 1930s all Christian denominations were united in their firm rejection of contraceptives. Hmm, no one had ever told me that before. I checked it out and, you know what? It was true. From churches accepting birth control to churches accepting abortion. . . When you realize that all of Christianity had rejected birth control for close to 2000 years, isn't it frightening to know how quickly the Protestant churches rejected that thinking and one by one have accepted abortion?

I thank God that the Roman Catholic Church has stood firm against this madness, still teaching that children are a gift and a blessing from the Lord. And I am Presbyterian!

But back to my story - I talked to my husband and we decided to throw out the contraceptives. It wasn't long until the next baby came along. And after a little while, we were the mother and father of seven children! We have never regretted the decision to oust the birth control, even though many other people (including some relatives and church members) have hassled us about another baby, and yet, another baby! Our youngest is now eight and honestly, we both miss having a baby or a toddler.

Maybe you would like to read more about birth control and its beginnings. You can do that here. Children are a blessing from God. Don't listen to the lies of this world that say otherwise.

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