Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baking Your Own Bread

We bake our own bread. Seems normal to us, but out of all our many relatives, we are the only ones to do it. Our family has had the same Bosch Mixer for almost 8 years. For years, we made two batches of 6 loaves every Monday morning! That had to stop on Mondays as that is my day to teach piano and voice, but for years that worked great for us. My husband is a chef and he often makes the bread. He first borrowed a Kitchen Aid Mixer and tried mixing the dough with that. I can't remember what he didn't like about it, but he loves the Bosch. We also bought a Whisper Mill at the same time we bought the Bosch. So we grind our grain fresh as we bake.
My husband also used the Whisper Mill a few times to grind popcorn to make corn bread. We buy wheat berries in 50 lb bags and then grind the wheat. And then bake YUMMY bread!

I can say that we have had fewer illnesses since we began doing this. And the bread is SO delicious!! It is nice to bake a lot at once - I always have bread in the freezer to pull out and give to someone if there is a need. I don't always have time to make a whole meal for a friend, but a loaf of homemade bread means love and has been a blessing to others.

We also have re-couped the money we spent on both machines. Grocery store bread is expensive!

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