Friday, April 4, 2008

Summer String Chamber Music Festival

Music abounds in our home. Not only do we sing and play piano, the family has its share of string players. Son #1 plays violin, as does son#2. Daughter #1 chose to study the cello, which pleased her mother - cello was an instrument I had always wanted to play, but my parents said "We are already paying for piano lessons - forget it." Or words to that effect. So, much to my dismay, I have not (yet) learned to play the cello. But I still love ya, Mom and Dad! :-)

Today my daughter's fabulous cello teacher told us about a terrific looking Summer String Chamber Music Festival opportunity open to string musicians ages 12-14 at nearby Mercersburg Academy. You can download a brochure and an application here.

While browsing the website, I actually noticed quite a few interesting summer camps - adventure camps, sports camps, as well as camps for aspiring thespians.

I was in Mercersburg a few years ago for my nephew's wedding. It is a lovely, historic town. An interesting fact I just discovered is that in 1928, actor Jimmy Stewart, star of such classics as Rear Window and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, graduated from the Academy. (If you haven't ever seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, you must do so soon - what a good movie!)

But back to the string festival. Summer is the time for new activities that are not possible during a busy school year. Collaborating with other string players would be a tremendous experience for a young musician.

And I know that it will be a well-run camp. My daughter's cello teacher is the director. He is a very fine musician and as kind and patient a teacher as they come. Not to mention very encouraging and creative. I love to listen to the lesson (he comes to our house). So I fold towels and help my youngest with math while I listen to beautiful cello music. I especially love it when they play duets!

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