Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Head Shall Bow


Dana said...

Hi! My name is Dana and i happened to find a link to your blog on on a post you listed about summer choir camps. i started leading our homeschool co-op children's choir this year and am considering doing a summer camp as well. my choir kids range in ages from 4-16 so it's been quite an adventure. I would love to hear about any ideas you have come up with and share a few of my own. i'm not usually this outgoing with total strangers, but when music is involved i'll pretty much do anything i need to do to get the job done! feel free to visit our choir blog or my personal blog and we can brainstorm together via the wonderful world of blogs :)

fiona said...

Hi Kathy,I recently found your blog and it has inspired me both as a music teacher and as a Christian - thankyou! I teach piano and have a recorder group. The recorder group is going through a rough patch but reading your blog a few weeks ago encouraged me to keep persisting and filled me with new ideas! My blog has not been so musical as I hoped so far, but you also inspired me in that area too.Thankyou and I would love to read more in future :-)

Kathy said...

Dana and Fiona,

If you've read my latest post, you'll understand why I have not responded sooner! Things have been downright wild around here!

Life should calm down a bit by the last week of June and then I would love to get to know you both and share ideas!