Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Children's Choir on Veteran's Day

Last November, my children's choir sang at our local Veteran's Day Ceremony. Our family has attended the ceremony for years and have always found it to be inspiring. Last year at a ceremony for Memorial Day, a men's chorus who usually sang for the patriotic festivals in our town announced that they were disbanding. Thinking that the sound of children's voices might be encouraging to the Veterans who attend, I asked our mayor if my children's choir could sing at the Veteran's Day Ceremony. He was quite enthusiastic about our participation!

A Lieutenant Colonel from the Army War College in our town gave a wonderful speech. The choir's singing really touched the audience (you can read about more about the ceremony here in our local paper). As for the children - seeing the many Veterans we were there to honor plus hearing Lt. Col. Dickerson's words - they were given an excellent civics lesson.

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