Friday, June 13, 2008

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Teens

Last Saturday, our second oldest son graduated from our homeschool. When life calms down a bit, I want to write about his graduation. But meanwhile, I wanted to share with you how glad I am that I homeschooled my two oldest through their high school years. For each homeschool family and teenager, the benefits are no doubt different and individual. For my two sons, homeschooling them gave them the time to develop their unique gifts and really pursue their passionate interests.

Elizabeth Smith has written a wonderful list of reasons for continuing homeschooling through the teen years. The list would really be applicable to any family who homeschools. Non-homeschoolers might want to consider her list as well.

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Teens

by: Elizabeth Smith

1. Cement family relationships. Relationships are the most important thing in family life. When teens are away from home for six to eight hours a day, subtle changes begin to erode relationships at home. Divided allegiance or “serving two masters” can shake their foundation. The result is diminished family ties and parental influence.

2. Individualized education based to needs. You can customize your teen’s education to provide motivation for gifts and abilities. In areas of academic weakness you can provide extra time and help. No classroom setting can offer this consistent and loving support.

3. Accelerated academic progress. Many homeschooled children are academically ready to do college level work between the ages of 14 and 16. Age/grade isolation or segregation inhibits socialization. Available research demonstrates that homeschooled children are ahead of their public school counterparts in maturity, socialization, and vocabulary development.

You can read the rest here.

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Deb B. said...


I finally had time to sit down and take a look at your blog! What a nice job you have done (and I know you have limited time :-)

I should print off the 10 reasons to hs teens--yes, I agree with the author, AND I need the reminder sometimes.

I'll try to check in once in a while. Have a fantastic summer!