Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teacher's lessons go beyond music

I will probably never play piano or sing in Carnegie Hall. And I am ok with that. Making music, teaching music, directing my choir right here in my town is really enough. And that's what I love about music. Music is for everyone - it is the universal language. It can be your hobby - it can be your livelihood. One of my musical mentors, Joan Boytim, is a very, very fine musician, as a singer, a pianist and a French horn player. Yet she has devoted her life to teaching young singers, mostly high school students. And there are so many others like her in my town and in yours.

I just read an article that I had to share about a single mother who is a medical doctor and a pianist. She teaches piano on the weekends. I think you'll agree that she is truly an inspiration!

Teacher's lessons go beyond music
GAIL SMITH-ARRANTS, The Charlotte Observer

CONCORD - The teacher tapped the top of the old upright piano with long, slender fingers, like a metronome.

Listening was a 17-year-old who used to goof off in class because he wasn't really into piano.
"Keith has been my special project for the last three years," Dr. Honnie ("honey") Spencer likes to say.

When he started lessons, Keith Moore Jr. poked at the keys with one finger.
But it's much more than just learning notes and music. Spencer teaches lifelong lessons, from developing confidence to being patient with the piano and yourself.

Moore is one of dozens of students Spencer has taught for free over seven years. A family physician, Spencer founded the Logan Community Music School in Concord, wanting to breathe music into the lives of children and adults who otherwise couldn't afford lessons.

You can read the rest here.

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